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Our Partners

Arts Education Funders Collaborative (AEFC):

This site was made possible by generous support from the Arts Education Funders Collaborative, a sponsored project of Community Initiatives. AEFC’s goal for over twenty years has been to strengthen arts education opportunities for San Francisco’s public schools site by site and to promote artist-teacher partnerships, professional development services, and resources to schools.


San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC):

The San Francisco Arts Commission is the city agency that champions the arts in all aspects of civic life. The SFAC’s core values are anchored to the belief that all residents and visitors should have equal access to arts experiences in all disciplines, that programs should be provided comprehensively and equitably throughout the city, and that they are innovative and of the highest quality. The Community Arts and Education program supports the intersection between the SFUSD, APASF, and the City to assure a quality arts education experience for all San Francisco students.


Arts Providers Alliance of San Francisco (APASF):

This membership association of over 50 arts providers, including  both organizations and individuals, offers arts education services in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. APASF’s volunteer executive committee works to provide professional development programs and networking opportunities for its member teaching artists, educators, and administrators. The executive committee also helps build networks that promote best practices for working with the SFUSD. APASF is the largest association of its kind in San Francisco.


San Francisco Unified School District  (SFUSD):

SFUSD is the City and County of San Francisco’s public school system, serving youth in grades pre-K through12. The Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) department is responsible for providing arts programs to all schools in all arts disciplines and for implementing the nationally renowned Arts Education Master Plan, which aims to provide access to arts education to every student, in every school, every day.